Human Bowen Therapy

Gentle Treatment for a wide range of conditions.

"Quite simply one of the most straightforward and effective 'hands-on' therapies available"

Human Bowen


The Bowen therapist will take a medical history from the client and discuss the nature of the current problems. A treatment takes about 45 minutes but appointment are an hour long to allow time to discuss the presenting issues.
Using only fingers and thumbs, the Bowen therapist makes gentle rolling type movements at precise points over muscles, ligaments and soft tissue interspersed with periods of rest. As the treatment is so gentle it can be used on any age of person. The moves are normally done directly on the skin but can be performed through light clothing if that is preferred. Many people can experience dramatic improvements after just one session and conditions can often clear with only 3 or 4 treatments. We always treat the whole body regardless of the presenting symptoms as the main area of pain could be from compensating and not be the actual initial problem.

Presenting problems helped with Bowen:

Back and neck pain / sciatica / frozen shoulder / tennis elbow / sports injuries / hamstring strain / leg length differences / tilted pelvis / pain management / Asthma and many more.

Newspaper Quotes

“One real advantage of Bowen over other ‘alternative’ therapies is that many complaints are said to be treated after just two or three sessions, making Bowen treatment easier on the wallet.” Daily Telegraph

“Bowen is a hands-on therapy which really works” Sun

Bowen has had good results with muscular-skeletal conditions, especially frozen shoulder and tennis elbow” Sunday times Style Magazine


'Having had two knee operations for a torn meniscus on the same leg in the past two years and been left in more pain than before either operation, I was pretty desperate to find some sort of therapy that might help me to cope with my situation. I had already tried, and dumped, nerve pain pills that left me with hot and cold sweats 24/7, loss of hair and serious irritability. Over a period of a month I had had three nerve blocks into my thigh to allow extensive physiotherapy to try and get my leg more mobile, and pretty much all of them had failed. In total desperation I booked a session with Emma in the hope that she might at least ease some of my pain and hopefully increase my mobility.

Any of the doctors who assessed me earlier on in the year would be astounded at the progress I have made during the course of the last six months. Thanks to Emma's healing hands, through The Bowen Technique, I have recovered in a way that I was told I never would. I have total mobility of my leg and knee again, I walk normally once more and am able to work out twice a week in the gym and pool to compliment my recovery.

A Bowen session doesn't just focus on the problem area of the body, it manipulates and stimulates the whole being, tweaking it here and there and realigning the body back to where it should be in a very gentle way, so much so, some would wonder what Emma was actually doing that could make such a difference. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference and I will be going back for a six week 'tweak' for the rest of my life!'

A. - Goudhurst


 I returned from cricket practice, with impaired movement, to be greeted by my wife saying, “you look really weird!” Looking in the mirror, I noticed that I was completely wonky – my hips and legs were completely misaligned, causing my shoulders to slope. A painful, sleepless night followed. In the morning my wife recommended Emma and The Bowen Technique. She had previously been treated by Emma for her lower back pain, where Osteopathy had failed. After just one treatment Emma straightened me out, and explained how a history of bad posture and adjustment relating to a bad knee may have caused a misalignment. Thanks to a second follow–up appointment I was back playing cricket within two weeks. I now have a six weekly ‘service’ to keep me on the straight and narrow! I strongly recommend Emma and The Bowen Technique for painful Musculoskeletal problems and for routine maintenance too.

Toby - Marden


"Having been introduced to Bowen by friends and having used a practioner some distance away, we were delighted to find you on our doorstep.  Whenever we have persistent aches or pains (or restricted body movement) due to lifting, sport or a Repetitive Strain Injury, you can invariably explain why and provide a relaxing non invasive therapy session that rectifies the problem in a short period of treatment. Friends we have sent to you have been similarly impressed. You are forbidden to leave the area!"

M&J - Staplehurst


Emma has been very helpful with her healing hands. I would certainly recommend her to anyone with problems with movement. 

Colin - Staplehurst 


I went to see Emma following a back injury. I had been experiencing pain and discomfort in my lower back and hips on and off for a few months which just wouldn't settle. I had heard positive feedback on The Bowen Technique so I decided to give it a try. I am noticing the difference after just a few sessions. What is nice is that the treatment doesn't only focus on the problem areas you are aware of but it looks at the body as a whole. The treatment has not only brought my pelvis back into alignment and helped release muscular tension but it has also improved the alignment of my shoulders. They are no longer rounded forwards, they are much more open and the joint is more mobile. The treatment has made noticeable improvements to my posture.

The technique is very gentle and you really notice the difference straight away. I would certainly recommend Emma and the treatment.

Helen - Staplehurst